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We repair all types and brands of laptop screens.

Based in Florida For Over 12 years. A locally owned and operated company. We have many types of screens kept in stock.

laptop repair, laptop screen broken, screen cracked, Orlando Laptop Screen Repair, virus

PC-Apple Service

Most Screens in Stock

Most screens replaced within 24/48 hrs.

We also offer an extensive list of computer services

Computer Repair

We Repair All PC and Apple Macintosh Laptop Screens

Here at Orlando Laptop Screen Repair we strive on being the quick and affordable alternative to buying a brand new lcomputer if yours is damaged.

We also service & maintain Desktop Computers

We fix damaged or broken screens of all ranges of systems from Apple to Toshiba Computers If your make/model isn’t listed please don’t hesitate to contact us as we can guarantee we can help you, with our services.

Complete Computer & Laptop Service Orlando

screen broken, screen cracked, Orlando Laptop Screen Repair, virus cleaner
laptop, laptop screen broken, screen cracked, Orlando Laptop Screen Repair, virus cleaner
laptop, laptop screen repair, screen cracked Orlando Laptop Screen Repair, virus cleaner
apple laptop lcd, macbook, ipad Orlando Laptop Screen Repair
Replacing the LCD/LED in your System takes expertise, and we have the talent in house to quickly remove your old, damaged LCD/LED and replace it with a brand new one. The new LCD/LED that we install is tested out and returned back to you, usually the next business day.
laptop, laptop screen broken, screen cracked, Orlando Laptop Screen Repair, virus cleaner

We provide FREE pick up and delivery to and from our workshop in East Orlando.

We are an established computer repair company who specialize in providing Services to companies and domestic clients in Central Florida.

We pride ourselves on giving all our customers a personal, professional assistance backed by over twenty one years knowledge and experience in the computing industry.

If your Laptop screen is cracked, has a damaged screen, has lines running through it, or flickering, in most cases we can replace the screen within 12/24hrs. We have affordable solutions to fix your broken screen. We carry most screens in stock and can replace and repair normally within 24hrs.

First we make a diagnostic check of your system and tell you exactly what is gong on with your computer. We do everything we can to bring your data back ( Data Recovery Service) and get your system (Computer Repair) back up and running smoothly.

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laptop repair, laptop screen broken, screen cracked, Orlando Laptop Screen Repair, virus cleaner

We provide FREE pick up and delivery to and from our workshop in East Orlando.

laptop repair, desktop repair, virus removal, Orlando Laptop Screen Repair, harddrive, motherboard
virus removal, file recovery, harddrive, motherboard, data recovery

Is your Laptop or Desktop system running very slowly and having strange reminders saying you need protection when you already have it or Pop ups on your screen?

Or your hard drive is failing etc . You may have a Trojan. If you are experiencing strange messages asking you to pay for anti-virus or a package to get rid of the problem.... NEVER DO IT! Call us for some free advice.


Supplying Full DATA recovery on Hard Drives - DATA recovery on External Drives - DATA recovery on MAC and PC Drives - DATA Recovery on Laptops - DATA recovery on Servers - DATA recovery on RAID assemblies.


Recovery of your files can sometimes take many hours. The DATA is very sensitive and can go into days for recovery installing and preparing recovery. Often this is an expensive and timely route. The Data Recovery process may have to be done in a specific recovery Laboratory.

Ransom ware and Trojan Repair

Not a case of just visiting the wrong site any longer. It can happen to anyone. From any site you may visit or download from.

We can safely and securely remove all Trojan Virus and Malware.

We respect your privacy and can do the work quickly and efficiently and in almost all cases your programs and data will be exactly the same as it was prior to any infection you had.

Some Images of what you might see on your screen:

FBI Trojan trojan, virus, fake computer warning
Fake Windows repair message malware removal, virus protection, trojan Wiindows security warning

Beware of Fake Virus Repair Messages. DO NOT CLICK

If you think you have been infected it is best to shut the system down and call us straight away. Using your system whilst infected can increase the risk of your data being stolen, corrupted, or even deleted.

Example of a fake repair messagetrojan, virus, fake computer warning
Example of a fake repair messagemalware removal, virus protection, trojan Wiindows security warning

Call us for assistance. We can normally turn the system around within 24hrs.

We provide FREE pick up and delivery to and from our workshop in East Orlando


All Prices Vary From $65.00 to anywhere up to $145.00

Average is $85.00

Solely depending on the type and damage caused the boot structure of the system and service damage it may have caused.

We update and Repair the system clean and remove threats, that may compromise your identity and or personal details.

Business Solutions

At Orlando Laptop Screen Repair, we cater to Small Business environments and specialize in personal service through experienced and knowledgeable service professionals.

We have relationships with associates who are available to assist us on larger projects.

virus removal, microsoft small business server, server support, internet firewall
virus removal, microsoft small business server, computer support, firewall, virus protectiion

Personal Computer set-up and installation, repairs, upgrades, networking, administration, and even tutoring for first-time users or users just in need of some extra help. We offer very competitive hourly rates for quality work done, and provide negotiable discounted service contracts for those requiring reoccurring monthly service.

Whether it's a little computer problem that's getting bigger, or you just want to make sure you're getting the most from your technology investment by maximizing performance, we can help.

Our specialty is knowing everything there is to know about managing technology for small to mid-sized companies.
Our core business is providing IT services on a long-term basis which, for some of our clients, that even means acting as their as-needed IT department, managing their technology on a regular basis.

On-site service, we come to you!

PC health checks to improve your systems performance and to update upgrade and install new equipment.

Orlando Laptop Screen Repair, repair, virus removal, websites, network, software, motherboard, memory

What we can Offer

Printer Setup, PC Software Installation, Wired / Wireless Network Setup, Broadband Internet Setup, Email Setup, Installation, Servers & Exchange software. PC Tower Memory Upgrades, Data Backup.

Server Installation - Support Exchange Server - Peachtree Configuration -Technical Support - Virus Prevention - System wide Upgrades - Wireless Networking - CAT 5 cable Wiring - Security installation Options- Virus Removal -Trojan Removal -Spyware - Malware

*** To succeed you need access to sensible IT advice you understand, trust, and value. We are a team of professionals with over 50 years combined experience in the field. We believe our experience gives us the ability to deliver the advice and options which will add the most value to your organization.

Stay away from the big retail stores, you’ll end up paying twice as much for half the work. You’ll probably end up paying for parts and other items that you simply do not need.

Remember that you can always contact a local company such as Orlando Laptop Screen Repair for further advice and support in Orlando, so that you can avoid more serious issues in the future.

Our services range from setting up at someone's home to managing an entire network consisting of multiple work stations, servers, firewalls backup solutions and repairs.

For most companies, just being without email for an entire day could bring production to a halt! There are countless issues your company can and will face in the coming years withe the computers you own.

Network & Server Management Services

  • Support, Installation, Migration, Upgrades & Architecture
  • Server Installation, Repair and Maintenance
  • Many small businesses would benefit greatly from a server based system
  • Modern servers can be maintained by us remotely.
  • Windows Server 2007 – 2010 – 2012 – 2013
  • Windows SQL Server
  • Monthly on-site maintenance also offered.
  • We can check out your server for security weaknesses

small business IT services

Business Networks

  • File / Print / DNS / Web / E-Mail / Database
  • Application Virtual Private Network 
  • Wired and Wireless Networks
  • Local Area Networks (LAN) / Wide Area Networks (WAN)
  • We can analyze your network for security weaknesses
  • Domain Controllers
  • Remote Access Services (RAS)
  • Network Policy Creation & Enforcement
  • Exchange Server 2007 – 2010
  • Microsoft Small Business Server
  • Platform Migrations from Novell and Linux to the Windows Server System
  • Client Workstations

  • Corporate Email
  • Internet Security
  • Point of Sale Systems

Hardware/ Software

We maintain a regular stock of PC parts for major computer manufacturers like Dell, Compaq/HP, Toshiba, Asus, Acer.

We provide network and cable installation also maintenance for both laptops and desktops at a reasonable price.

Orlando Laptop Screen Repair provides a professional complete solution to support your systems, hardware, software, systems, cabling & network security.
Include hardware maintenance support, software support, Data Recovery and more Installation & Support, by some of the most experienced IT techs in Florida

computer repair, software, reapir all computers, fix macs, repair apple, ibm, sony, hp, toshiba, packard bell, dell, acer, advent, compaq, fujitsu, nec, samsung, panasonic
software, Microsoft Office
software, Wndows 7 Ultimate
microsoft network, certified mirosoft technician

  • Windows 7 Ultimate $149.00 Genuine COA Certificate
  • Windows 7 Home Edition $105.00 Genuine COA Certificate
  • Microsoft Office Professional From $240.00
    Contact us for pricing at:

  • Whatever your requirements, we can put together a package that suits your business needs and your budget.


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About Us / Reviews

Orlando Laptop Screen Repair, Microsoft Expert, Apple

The Founder Mr P. Has worked on satellite communication systems, Helicopter navigation systems, Flight simulators, Corporate servers, Encryption systems and was even an Engineer at NASA for 3 years. He has also worked in the UK, Australia, Europe and the far East, to name a few places.

Several years of international experience and still has a great enthusiasm for this of work. Over the past 6 years Vista Computer (a computer company in Orlando Fl) have invested very heavily in training and equipment, to make the job of repair, maintenance and service of networks, servers and your own personal laptop or desktop computer more reliable. Most of our clients are from repeat business, small to medium sized business's and home users in Orlando and metro area. The name Vista Computer Repair is well known in the Central Florida area, for it's media exposure reliability, and knowledge.

About Us:

We pride ourselves on our knowledge and we can guaranty that we do not work off a kitchen table but in a professional environment, static free with the most comprehensive tools and equipment available. Unlike many others that are in the top 10 of any internet search in Orlando.

"I read a book about airline pilots once, It does not make me a pilot. Alas many smaller companies in Orlando, repaired granny's computer and fooled with friends computers then either opened a store front or started putting those awful roadside signs everywhere."

What you have to ask yourself is. How can a business charge $25/$55 to travel to your home with gas labor and tolls then be expected to make a profit, they either are being very untruthful or they are out of business very quickly and disappear within months. Never to be seen again! At which point we pick up the pieces and having been in Orlando for over 10 years we see this a great deal.

We have a friendly disposition towards our work and enjoy what we do. The Staff at Vista Computer (a computer repair Company Orlando) all know that if we do it right it stays right, and the customer (you) are happy enough to call again in the future. We can also supply many software programs ie: Microsoft Office - Windows Operating Systems - and Refurbished Laptops at well below retail price. Vista Computer Repair provides professional, cost effective, business and residential computer services to meet you or your companies needs. We specialize in laptop and computer repair and small business solutions to keep your business running smoothly. With a wide range of experience within the field of computing we provide computer repairs, upgrades, data recovery, disaster recovery and complete network set up and management. Our IT support services range from setting up a first computer at someone's home to managing an entire network consisting of multiple work stations, servers, firewalls and backup solutions. Home users also can have a greater peace of mind knowing that if they run into any difficulties with their pc, they can call us and have their problems resolved quickly and professionally. Whatever your IT needs, we can help. No issue is too small for us and we can handle the big issues just as efficiently.]

We have enjoyed our first ten Years in Orlando. We expect to enjoy many more, and thanks to our customers we have the base and knowledge to be able to do so. Call us, we are a friendly bunch......... 407 595 7846 Vista Computer Repair.


Website Services:

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five star rating Ryan has built a great website and a really powerful and amazing on-line reservations system for Black Hills Balloons. He is skilled but most of all his customer service and response to any minor issues that arise is second to none.

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Computer Repair:

CLICK HERE to read reviews about Vista Computer Repair on, where the reviews are specifically about our Computer Repair services.

laptop repair, laptop screen broken, screen cracked, Orlando Laptop Screen Repair, virus cleaner

We provide FREE pick up and delivery to and from our workshop in East Orlando.

 Screens for all makes and models

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